unique place

Horse stables and accommodations to rent

Located in a wonderful setting, in the heart of Belgium, the Haras Saint-Roch has all the facilities to accommodate professional riders and their mounts in the best conditions.

Since 2001, the Haras Saint-Roch is the reference in terms of layout for demanding professional riders.

Renting stable with full equipment

Full availability for professional riders

Close to the roads but integrated in a green setting, the Haras Saint-Roch has all the assets to entice you by proposing the whole of its installations in a discrete and exclusive place.


Close to main roads and major cities

Located in the heart of the Solière Valley

The Haras Saint-Roch is located in the heart of a nature reserve.

Bordered by woods and paths, Haras Saint-Roch is located in the heart of an accessible nature reserve. Many paths cross the valley for tens of kilometers. A getaway that your horse will never forget.

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Visit a unique place, an exceptional frame

Haras Saint-Roch
27 Saint-Roch Street
4500 Ben-Ahin (Belgium)